Local Software Platforms

Knexus, Proteometrics suite of mass spectrometry tools for proteomics (members only).

GPM, The Global Proteome Machine proteomics data analysis system.

SSRCalc, Version Q.0 (2015) of the Sequence Specific Retention Calculator With Hydrophobicity Index.

BIRCH, A resource for bioinformatics, operated on the Univ. of Manitoba Sun Unix system. BIRCH consists of a collection of programs and databases for molecular biology that are useable either through X-windows, the command line or through text-based menus. Only freely-available programs have been incorporated into BIRCH.

Sequence Information Resources

ENSEMBL, a compendium of DNA, RNA and protein sequences for eukaryotes

NCBI, the US National Center for Biological Information

NCGRI, the US National Human Genome Research Institute

Sanger, the UK Sanger Centre

EBI, the European Bioinformatics Institue

Gene/Protein Information

OMIM, On-line Mendelian Inheritance in Man, USA

Expasy, Tools and information, Switzerland

Bioinformatics, Information about bioinformatics

Uniprot, Repository of protein sequence information

Systems Biology Groups

ISB, the Institute of Systems Biology in Seattle, USA

Harvard, the Dept. of Systems Biology at Harvard University, in Cambridge, USA

Ottawa, the Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology at the University of Ottawa, Canada