Manitoba is currently in a leadership position in Proteomics and Systems Biology, because of the wide penetration of scientists trained at the University of Manitoba (and their students) into major Proteomics efforts. We feel that the province can leverage this credibility and proven track record of success into a significant place in the emerging Biotechnology industry in Manitoba.

What we do

The MCPSB is dedicated to the promotion and practice of Systems Biology and Proteomics in Manitoba, both in academia and industry. Our emphasis is on providing the high quality training in instrument design, laboratory practice and bioinformatics that is necessary for this new discipline to flourish in Manitoba.


The MCPSB resides in a 10,000 square foot laboratory and office facility at 799 John Buhler Research Centre on the Bannatyne Campus of the University of Manitoba. The space houses most of the biological activities of the MCPSB. Still upcoming is integration of the existing facilities of the Time-Of-Flight Laboratory on the 6th floor of the Allen Physics Building at the Fort Garry Campus, a part of the Centre and currently the site of our instrument development activities.


The Canada Foundation for Innovation, for providing funding for the Centre's state-of-the-art infrastructure enhancing the ability to perform proteomic and high content analysis, using a systems based approach to the study of cellular function in health and disease

The Canadian Institutes for Health Research, for funding operating grants for the projects at the Centre.

The Health Sciences Centre Foundation, for providing us with 10,000 square feet of research space as well as salary and research support;

The Province of Manitoba, for providing funding to the Centre, both in the form of direct and matching grants.

The University of Manitoba, for providing salary and maintenance support.